Orient ITM


  • John Smith

    1. Introduction to android system. Arhcitecture

    2. Creating of android application. Running of applications.

    3. Manifest file.  Activity creating . Adding controls to layout

    4. Relative, linear layouts. Views.

    5. Resources. Accessing to resources. Accesing of views in activity

    6. Activity calling. Sending parameters via intent

    7. Activity life cycle.

    8. List, Array list, adapters, List view databind with adapter

    9.Background services, recievers.

    10. Textview, EditText, button, list view , image buttons .

    11. Android event handling

    12. Fragments, Tabbed activity.

    13. Sql lite. Android database.

    14. Sql queries. Table Joins

    15. Android notification manager

    16. Android sending email, calling, sending sms etc

    17. Android sharing preference using

    18. Android localization

    19. Social login

    20. Uploading apk to playstore

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